Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Gaming Consoles - Get an Exciting Experience With Sony PSP

Just after the launch of Sony PSP, one of my friends gifted me this amazing device. The device has been a good source of entertainment. This seventh generation PSP is an amazing device where you can play thrilling games.

The PSP has 32 MB of memory and weighs 290 g. So, it becomes very easy to handle this device. And with its rechargeable lithium ion battery, it becomes possible to play games on this set as long as one may wish.I fell in love with the PSP as it is of black colour and the front portion of the device is carved out with great passion. This makes the device very attractive.

Moreover, the PSP has more buttons than any other gaming device. The buttons make it very convenient to have proper control over the icons while playing a game. In this device four buttons are kept for navigation purposes and four are menu interaction buttons. Besides, the device is incorporated with some more buttons.

These are meant to access home page, volume control, brightness settings and games. With all these buttons, this handset gives a great gaming experience.The best thing about this handhold device is that the colour and display are of good quality. Of-course, a lot depends on the quality of the disc. Wherever I play on this handset, it feels similar to play on TV. The ear buds that come with the device makes it possible to listen to the music files in it.

This makes the whole affair very very entertaining.The device has a separate disc compartment known as the UMD compartment where a new disc has been introduced. The UMD, being a spinning drive, makes some sound wherever a disc is introduced. So, the sounds help me know that the disc is inside the device and the game is about to begin.

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