Tuesday, 19 February 2008

BT Diverse 6350 Twin: Always a Perfect Gift to Present

It was last Monday, that I was shopping for a gift to be presented to my friend on the occasion of her birthday. My eyes got stuck on the rack where cordless phones were kept. It was BT Diverse 6350 Twin cordless phones that attracted my eyes. I decided to gather maximum details regarding the model as it was too stunning at the first sight itself. Yes, you can all it love at first sight.

When I enquired about the details regarding the features of this model, I decided that this would be the best birthday gift for my friend. Too eager to know what made me choose the BT Diverse 6350 Twin cordless phone? Then come on, let us have a look at the features. The cordless phone has a 4–line backlit display that makes it look too beautiful and attractive. The bright and really mind blowing feature of this model is the SMS feature. It has a capacity to store 20 SMSs in inbox, 5 in outbox, and 5 in draft box. Yes, most probably, many of the other phones may lack this facility. The hands free facility of this model makes it easy to make a call or receive a call even without taking the phone in hand. This feature is beneficial as the user can take and make a call while is busy with the work. Definitely, this phone would make an ideal utility for any person or household.

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