Saturday, 8 September 2007

Toshiba Corp. music player with Wi-Fi launched

Certainly, it comes as good news for music freaks; they now have better options to try out Toshiba Corp. refreshing line-up of Gigabeat music players. The new models of the Toshiba Corp come with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity. So, music enthusiasts where they will enjoy endless music, they will be enjoying Wi-Fi connectivity.

It is reported that the Toshiba Corp’s Gigabeat T-series would come at the same size of a credit card -- 8.6 centimeters by 5.4 centimeters. It is understandable owner of this nano-size music player would love to carry anywhere they wish without any encumbrance.

And about its thickness, the music player would be 1 centimeter thick. The front face of the player is taken up with a 2.4-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) screen that offers QVGA of 320 pixels by 240 pixels. Just below the screen comes some buttons for control of the device and navigation of menus, making it easy to control and navigate.

The 58-gram, credit-size music would be compatible with Windows Media Audio, WMA 9 Lossless, MP3 and WAV audio files formats, and can also display JPEG images. Literally, the users of the music player don’t have to care much about the type of file (music file), they have to listen this music/ tracks of his favourite singers and albums.

There are two basic models both of which have 4G bytes of flash memory. The T401 includes 802.11b/g Wi-Fi connectivity for downloading podcasts. It will be available in black while the second model, the T401S, doesn't have Wi-Fi and will be available in black, red and white. With the exception of the Wi-Fi the players are identical.

The Gigabeat T-series will go in sale in Japan on Sept. 7. Unfortunately, music lovers from other countries have to wait for some time.

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