Monday, 24 September 2007

Nokia Prism: With a Distinct Style

The popular mobile phone brand, Nokia is bringing advanced technologies with stunning designs and cutting-edge features.

The latest Nokia 7500 Prism has created quite a hype in the mobile phone market with its eye-catching looks and unique style. This widely talked about mobile phone comes loaded with the standard mobile features like a music player, FM radio and optional stereo Bluetooth headphones. The 2 megapixel camera captures both video and photos, and offers flash for quality shots in darker environments. The internal memory of Nokia 7500 is 30MB and the microSD slot makes room for all of the pictures, video clips and content downloads.

Loaded with the latest technology and hi-end features, the Nokia 7500 Prism stands out in the crowd and attracts to a number of people. Enjoy listening to your favourite music tracks with the MP3 player. With features like USB, GPRS and EDGE technology, you dont need to worry about data transfer routes. Swap pictures and video clips with friends through Bluetooth. Benefit from the web browser and Push email features with the Nokia 7500 Prism. An array of multimedia tools include an integrated music player and a stereo FM radio. The music player supports all the standard formats.

Another Nokia Prism handset, Nokia 7900 aims at the style conscious consumers and is a combination of striking designs and style. This distinct phone runs on dual band 3G, quad band GSM. The most impressive features of the handset include sharp angled lines, geometric patterns, diamond-cut design, and graphic light-refracting colors.

So grab one of these Nokia Prism phones by exploring the online mobile phone shops. Be assured of getting cheap contract deals on these Prism phones. Attractive deals on display would help you to make your decision. Your favourite mobile phone can be all yours with a few clicks!!

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