Thursday, 16 August 2007

Lenovo's New Venture: Linux-based Laptops

Lenovo has announced their game for Linux-based laptops,in its annual conference held in San Francisco. The popular PC manufacturer - second largest in the world - is going to introduce Linux-supported personal computers preferably by the year-end. The project is supposed to be the strongest endorsement of Linux, till date, by a major PC maker.

Linux, designed to be the smartest alternative to Microsoft's Windows, is a free and fast-growing operating system. After Dell, Lenovo is the biggest PC maker to have decided to sell Linux OS-installed PCs. The advantage of using Linux is varied. It can be distributed, modified and used free of cost. It is meant for web servers and other powerful business computers. Lenovo will soon start loading Linux software on select laptops. Security updates will be provided by Novell Inc.

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